Exemption Criteria

The U ST 110 class is mandatory for all incoming freshman international students. Completing the class in the first semester is highly recommended. The class focuses on the topics that are important and useful for transitioning to US and Iowa State living. If the student is already familiar with the topics and have attended school/university in the US, then an exemption request can be sent. The exemption criteria is mentioned below:

Exemption Criteria:

  1. International students who transfer 30 academic credits and more from American university.
  2. International students who graduated from American high school.


If students feel that they should be exempt from the course because they meet the learning outcomes for the course, they need to fill out the form at this link: https://iastate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6VRZfXRnp3LGBNj

Students will need to provide a detailed essay describing how they meet the learning outcomes for U ST110 and why they feel they should be exempt from the course. This means providing evidence that all of the learning outcomes for the course have been met.

The essay must highlight the student’s successful transition to college life in the United States, setting high expectations and goals to meaningfully engage in academic life on campus, gain a better understanding of visa regulations, what it means to live in the United States through the cultural norms, and also understanding the U.S. system of Higher Education.

Examples of academic, cultural and working experience, which can count towards meeting the learning outcomes of the course can be: working experience in the USA (5 months and longer), exchange high school studies (1 academic year), internship (5 months and longer). Please explain how these experiences (work and and/or internship) have met the learning outcomes, provide specific details such as tasks performed, responsibilities, number of months worked/interned, how many people you worked with, etc.

After submitting your request on Qualtrics, please make sure you reach out to your academic adviser to ask them to email either ifyegrad1@iastate.edu or ifyegrad2@iastate.edu verifying you meet the requirements to be exempt from U ST 110. Verification from your adviser is required within ten business days from the start of the semester. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at ifyegrad1@iastate.edu/ifyegrad2@iastate.edu