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*** Update on H-1B Processing ***

March 15, 2017 deadline to submit H-1B request to ISSO to meet the April 3, 2017 deadline to file an H-1B for premium processing before the temporary suspension of this service.

“USCIS Will Temporarily Suspend Premium Processing for All H-1B Petitions”

3/3/2017 News Release

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it will temporarily suspend Premium Processing for up to 6 months.  This suspension applies to all H-1B petitions filed on or after April 3, 2017.  During this time, USCIS will process long-pending petitions and prioritize adjudication of H-1B extension of status cases that are nearing the 240-day mark.  The larger goal is to reduce overall H-1B processing times.

USCIS Citation:

ISSO Information Sheet


This page will guide you:

  • to invite a new international scholar and select an appropriate U.S. immigration status for new international faculty, staff and visitors;
  • to extend the U.S. immigration status of your existing international employees and visitors;
  • to request the appropriate forms from ISSO.


Inviting an International Scholar/Employee

With very few exceptions, citizens of other countries require an "invitation" to participate in professional activities at Iowa State University. That invitation usually takes the form of an official document which the individual must present to the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad to request an entry visa. Each U.S. immigration status has a set of rules governing acceptable activities while in the U.S. and determining the length of stay allowed. To determine the most appropriate U.S. immigration status for your international faculty, staff or visitor, please refer to the Getting Started tab.


Training Workshop:  Obtaining U.S. Permanent Residence (Green Card) for ISU Faculty and Staff    

During this 90-minute training, ISSO staff will provide an overview of the U.S. permanent resident process required to obtain a green card for international faculty or permanent P&S employees.  We will review the forms and documentation the hiring department and the international candidate must collect and submit to ISSO and discuss the challenges the department and/or ISSO might face in moving through the various stages of the process.  We'll review the timeline of a permanent resident application, discuss the agencies involved in the decision making-process, and provide tips to overcome common obstacles we might encounter with each step. 

We will not cover the topics of recruitment and selection during this workshop.  The plan is to have a second workshop in September or October, in conjunction with staff from Talent Acquisition and the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost, to focus on these topics as they relate to international applicants. 

Audience:       ISU Department/Unit/Center P&S or Merit Staff 

                      [who would submit requests to ISSO to start the U.S. permanent resident process for a faculty or P&S staff hire]

Date:              Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time:              10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Location:        Pioneer Room, Memorial Union

Registration:  Registration Form